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Suzette Mouchaty is an artist-scientist who lives and works in Houston, TX. Her artistic practice blends formal structures of rational scientific thought with the imaginary and subversive of the artistic realm, to realize quirky objects that address sociopolitical issues and environmental concerns.  Mouchaty has an MFA degree from University of Houston School of Art in Interdisciplinary Practices and Emerging Forms (IPEF) and a Ph.D. in Genetics from Lund University in Sweden. 

"My artworks, which span drawing, assemblage and sculpture, are often self-contradictory objects that parody contemporary existence.  Currently, my work is following a thread of (sub)consciousness conceived during the Covid carnival of madness that careened along through a world in crisis.  This psychic landscape is a circus of ethical relativism, societal impediments, and gendered power symbols.   I am particularly taken by a collection of found medical slides - unsympathetic images of human brains which are driving my art production.   Since most of my artworks are constructed around a fragment from the real world, I view my ongoing artistic practice as a constant hunt for that scrap of reality which resonates as a psychological trigger."

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